Binary Compatibility

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This approach allows to manually detect most of the possible binary compatibility issues between any particular releases of the OpenSSL. Alternatively one can set up a local instance of the ABI tracker for OpenSSL to automate analysis for sequential releases of the library.

Build two versions of the library with debug info[edit]

The library should be built with -g and -Og options of the GCC compiler and installed to a local directory (PREFIX=/home/USER):

 ./config -d --prefix=$PREFIX/openssl-1.0.2d/ shared
 sed -i -e 's/ \-O0 / -g -Og /' Makefile
 sed -i -e 's/ \-g/ -g -Og/' Makefile
 make install_sw

Make ABI dumps of the library versions[edit]

Install abi-dumper tool (1.0 Beta or newer) and run it on shared objects to create ABI dumps:

 abi-dumper -o libssl-1.0.2d.abi -public-headers $PREFIX/openssl-1.0.2d/include/ -vnum 1.0.2d $PREFIX/openssl-1.0.2d/lib/

The -public-headers option is needed to filter out private part of the ABI.

Compare ABI dumps to produce report[edit]

Install abi-compliance-checker tool (1.99.13 or newer) and run it on two ABI dumps to create report:

 abi-compliance-checker -l libssl -bin -old libssl-1.0.2c.abi -new libssl-1.0.2d.abi -report-path ./report.html