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This Main Page really needs some work. Here are some initial thoughts on an overall organization:

  • Administrivia
Site guidelines, legal and admininstrative issues.

  • Reference
This section has the automagically generated man pages from the OpenSSL git repository, and similar "man" style reference documentation

  • Usage (or Programming?)
This section has discussions of practical issues in using OpenSSL
Programming techniques and example code
Use of EVP is preferred for most applications and circumstances
More specialized non-EVP usage

  • Concepts and Theory
Discussions of basic cryptographic theory and concepts
Discussions of common operational issues

  • Internals and Development
This section is for internal details of primary interest to OpenSSL maintainers and power users

  • Miscellanous

I like it - it brings the interesting content right up front. It probably needs to have some top and tail text to describe what this wiki is for, and how to contribute. I added a link to the Elliptic Curve Cryptography page above --Matt 15:02, 30 May 2013 (UTC)