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We appreciate material and works produced for the community. Documentation, patches, and sample programs help ensure the library is reliable and easy to use. To ensure the most benefit to the project and community, contributions to this wiki must be either:

  1. existing material copied from a public domain source
  2. original content created by you and released under the current OpenSSL license (and any future version of it that the OpenSSL project may adopt)
  3. existing content already released under the current or future OpenSSL license.

The current OpenSSL licence is an "Apache style" license. We are moving to the Apache license soon; see our blog posts.

We do not accept patches through the Wiki.

Wiki Documentation

All contributions to this wiki are considered to be released under the current OpenSSL License (and any future version of it) and contributors agree the contributed content is original, or copied from a public domain or similar free resource, or copied from OpenSSL.

Copyright Notice

Use the following copyright notice for source files, sample programs on the wiki, etc.

   Copyright OpenSSL [YEAR]
   Contents licensed under the terms of the OpenSSL license
   See for details