Basic rules

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Basic Rules

Access and Privileges


We do not want to exclude anyone from participation and so will impose the minimal restrictions consistent with the basic integrity of the site. For the beginning at least edit privileges will be given to any registered account. If necessary then later when we have a pool of sysops manual intervention may be required for edit privileges.


If your account is used for spam or vandalism it may be deleted without warning. If that account was compromised without your knowledge or consent then contact us and we'll figure out how to restore your access.



Only content in the public domain or under the OpenSSL license should be added to this wiki. We don't have the expertise or means to properly research copyright issues and so will probably be forced to remove any content if complaints of copyright infringement are received.


If any OpenSSL team member reports any content as factually incorrect, and does not immediately correct it, that content may be edited to include a disclaimer noting the presence of uncorrected errors.

Commercial Products

OpenSSL does not endorse any specific commercial products or services. Reference to such products and services is permissible when restricted to factually verifiable information appropriate in the current context, but such references should be accompanied by a link to the Commercial Product Disclaimer page.