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Currently the principal perpetrator of this wiki, also partner and co-founder of the OpenSSL Software Foundation. You can reach me at +1 877-OPENSSL (+1 877 673 6775) or

My Role Here

At the moment at least I'm the one with ultimate administrative control of the server the wiki runs on, and thus the wiki.

But, I plan to do as little "management" as possible, and when and if I am forced to intervene I'll almost certainly follow the consensus of the active participants that I think have provided quality input and shown good judgment.

Personal Background

My association with OpenSSL is more or less accidental; while I have a general computer software background my programming skills aren't anywhere in the same league as those of the people who develop OpenSSL or use it for serious application development. My involvement with OpenSSL began over a decade ago when I was consulting for the U.S. Department of Defense on applications that used OpenSSL as a critical component. Over a period of time I came to realize the huge economic value of OpenSSL to the commercial software industry and how little revenue went to the people who maintain and develop it. I couldn't contribute effectively by coding but I did know the basics of running a business and so began brokering commercial contracts, a process that eventually let to the creation of the OpenSSL Software Foundation (OSF). OSF now generates enough revenue to support ongoing development and support activities and infrastrcuture support for OpenSSL.