Security Advisories

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Security Advisories

When serious security problems in OpenSSL are discovered and corrected, the OpenSSL project issues a security advisory, describing the problem and containing a pointer to the fix.

These are announced to the openssl-announce mailing list and generally also copied to the openssl-users and openssl-dev mailing lists and noted in the official OpenSSL Vulnerabilities List.

If you think your have discovered a problem that has security implications then send details to

The list below contains references where there is additional information on an issue which may assist OpenSSL users in understanding or responding to an issue.

OpenSSL Security Advisories Additional Information
Date Advisory Description CVE Affected Versions Fixed In Versions Additional Information
07-Apr-2014 SECADV_20140477 TLS heartbeat read overrun CVE-2014-1060 OpenSSL-1.0.1a to OpenSSL-1.0.1f

OpenSSL-1.0.2 betas