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OpenSSL is there because people decided to fork and maintain it.

I would be valuable to get some information about people behind openssl.

Here a list of people i (see history of this page to know who i ami since i am not in this list) believe would have an history for current history of OpenSSL.

( I created this page with a hidden agenda to prepare for 28th November a presentation in french in a Linux local event, but this might have a higher value ).

- Initial creator Eric Andrew Young and Tim Hudson

- OpenSSL foundation  ( and not already cited ) Dr. Steve Henson Richard Levitte Steve Marquess Rich Salz

Official developers ( and not already cited ) Matt Caswell Mark J. Cox Viktor Dukhovni Lutz Jänicke Emilia Käsper Ben Laurie Steve Marquess Richard Levitte Bodo Möller Andy Polyakov Kurt Roeckx Geoff Thorpe

And valuable 2015 contributors :

Jonas Maebe Felix Laurie von Massenbach

Don't feel offended if you are not cited here, if you consider to have something usefull to add you anyway will have more inner view than i am.

Here a possible set of question :

- Why did you come to this project ? - What is your focus area on this project ? - How did you feel about heartbleed ? - Why do you stay ? - What is your dream for OpenSSL future ? - Are there things you would do differently now than before – a specific CVE event affected a piece of code you were directly or indirectly involved - . ? - Anything else that you find relevant.